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[John is] an excellent therapist, who produced good results with his patients. Brighton and Hove are very lucky to have his services.


February 8, 2011, Dr Adrian worked directly with John at Advanced Positive Therapies



Dr Adrian Winbow

Consultant Psychiatrist, Medical Director/CEO/Director at Private Psychiatry LLP


"Practical advice alongside emotional advice. I have always felt that I could trust John and that he genuinely cared about me and genuinely wanted to help me. He was able to get through my walls and see what was underneath. I have felt well-supported and I am extremely grateful for all his hard work."




Anon, female

"Through my therapy with John I have received amazing kindness and skills which have helped me overcome my [ ] anxiety and relieve me of my daily stresses. I personally felt very comfortable talking to John about all my deep thoughts and feelings, which is something I haven't felt I could do with previous [therapists]. I really enjoyed my sessions with John as I felt it was time for me to be honest about how I was feeling with no judgement and in a safe environment.


I give John a high rating as I received excellent results from attending his sessions he made me feel very safe and comfortable, a lot of the time I looked at him as a father figure who was looking out for me. I have done private counselling and have attended mindfulness sessions previously to my therapy and did not receive any progress from it. But through having John I have seen a lot of progress within my anxiety and how I deal with it. I highly recommend John because of this."




Zoe, 17, East Sussex

“In January 2010 I hit an all time low.  It was during this period that I was put in contact with John Mulinder and I have been working with him as a client ever since. From the start John Mulinder was very compassionate and listened intently. Although I was wary about talking with him he soon managed to reassure me, he was never judgemental on anything I said or how I felt and would help me understand why I might be having such feelings and thoughts.  What I also found beneficial was the practical tips on how to cope and the tasks set to make you think and evaluate your situation.


John Mulinder has provided much needed support and always been there ready to help when required.  In the time I have worked with him he has even managed to make me smile something I had forgotten how to do. John Mulinder is very trustworthy, reliable and a caring professional who will do all he can to assist.  I would highly recommend him to anyone needing assistance."




Female Police Officer, 29 years, Hampshire

“I started seeing John a number of years ago to work on my depression; he was recommended to me by a Consultant Psychiatrist.  I had seen a couple of other therapists previously, but I found their sessions very frustrating as the method they employed was to listen to what I said, but would not offer any comment or feedback, just responding to my questions with other questions.  I understand that this is a recognised methodology, but it was not for me. I needed a two-way communication and John has provided that.  He has supported, empathised, and stretched me.  It has not always been easy – he can be challenging when it is needed – but I have always felt he has my best interests at heart.  I would not hesitate to recommend him."




JC, 53, West Sussex

"Something that was good was that John is a great listener and he can understand you, no matter how different you may be thinking than him. John doesn't focus on useless small details of what you have explained. He takes your problems as a whole and gives a grand solution, like a way of thinking, to you. He really tries hard for you to fully understand this new thinking strategy."




KT, 15, Germany (telephone consultation using Viber)

"John is thorough and experienced and confidently offered solutions to deal with my problems. His approach is challenging whilst supportive and has had very positive results. As a result the symptoms that were severely affecting my life are now greatly improved."




Female, anon

"John's knowledge and experience made his sessions so relevant and insightful. He understood my needs as an individual patient and responded accordingly. He gave excellent tips and advice that could be used in day-to-day life."




D Mckay

"We addressed the issue in hand and it was always a two-way dialogue. Various techniques and approaches were applied and examples given to support advice. It also felt a genuine sense of care to help support at a time of need."




Female, anon

"Practical advice that I coud understand and work on at home."


NJ, female, Haywards Heath

"Managed to learn some great techniques for helping me relax, focus and calm. Think I will be able to use the techniques for other areas of my life - work, sport, leisure. I have achieved the outcome I wanted at the start of the sessions."




AH, golfer, sports hypnosis client, East Sussex

"Friendly, helpful, achieved gymnastics goals."




11 year old (with mother), sports hypnosis client, Sussex


"It has helped me to not have panic attacks. He is nice."



18/19 year old, student, Sussex


"Understanding and very informative. My problems have been addressed well"



15/19 year old, student, Sussex


John Mulinder


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